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Star Videos

Carrieoke Productions has an incredible following of excellent singers.  On this page we present some video shorts of the best of the best.  You must have a Cable or DSL connection to play these videos otherwise, the download will take quite some time.

Mar 2004 Star:         Tommy Lane  - Recorded at McKeever's

Apr 2004 Star:         Taz with Carrie - Recorded at Parker's

May 2004 Star:        Derek Craft (19)  - Recorded at Parker's

Jun 2004 Star:         Bernie Blankenship - Recorded at Parker's

Aug 2004 Star:        Dan Morlan with Carrie - Recorded at Parker's

Sep 2004 Star:        Tiffany - Recorded at McKeever's

Oct 2004 Star:         Rick Gossage & Tommy Lane - Recorded at McKeever's

Apr 2007 Star:         Joanna & Carrie - Recorded at the Java Internet Cafe

May 2007 Star:        Matt Lewis CC Rider - Recorded at the Java Internet Cafe

Jun 2007 Star:         Matt Lewis Jail House Rock - Recorded at the Java Internet Cafe

Aug 2007 Star:         Matt Lewis Movie Trailer - Coming Aug 2007 "Tears of the King"