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Aflac State Meeting 2017 - Carrieoke Productions provides Audio & Video Production for all Missouri West Aflac Meetings


Carrieoke Productions NEW Photobooth is a blast at any event.  Rent the photobooth by itself or with our DJ or Karaoke Service for a special price!

Click on this link to see actual Photobooth Pictures & Prints


What We Offer

Carrieoke Productions is one of the largest entertainment services companies in the Kansas City area.  We do approximately 100 shows each month. 

We offer a full line of entertainment services and this page will detail what we offer:

Huge Library of DJ Music and Music Videos

Huge Library of Karaoke Music

Karaoke and / or DJ services for Night Clubs, Bars, and other venues in the area.

  • Concert quality sound system with computerized delivery system with seamless transition between music, karaoke, and full music videos.  Lighting is available for additional cost.

We specialize in Weddings, Parties, Corporate, and Special Events.

  • The Lasers option offers two laser lights. One that fills the entire room with a starfield of red and green moving lights, set to a blue background moving wave, and one that fills the room with moving patterns of light. INCREDIBLY AWESOME! You have never seen anything like this!

  • Standard Party Rig includes a concert quality sound system with computerized delivery system and one tree of four 300 watt pars.

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  • Rock-N-Roll Lights option includes twelve 100 watt pars, two Vertigos, two Mini-Moons, and two Strobes.  Rock-N-Roll lights are pictured in the eight foot configuration but can be extended to ten feet high!

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  • Video Music, slide show presentations, complete audio visual for corporate meetings and events -  We can provide video displayed on one or two 6' x 8' video screens with projectors - either front or rear projection.  These large screens require at least a 9' ceiling height and are best suited in the corners of the room with the projectors located behind the screens.  Our sound systems, are capable of handling any ballroom or convention center in town.  The pictures below are from a recent AFLAC State Meeting at the Overland Park Convention Center, where we provided audio/visual for the event.  Double click on the pictures to view full screen.

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  • These pictures are from a STUCO meeting (Kansas City area High school Student Counsels).

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  • Face Off Game Show System - Can be added to your DJ / Karaoke event or the entire focus of the event.  The Face Off Game Show System, complete with sound effects, allows two or more contestants to play trivia based games and ring in their answer by hitting the lighted button.

    Game Examples:

    Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

    The couple will create a list of questions about them, for example, how they met, first kiss, etc. then the two families will face off against each other to determine which family knows the most about the couple.  This idea could make any rehearsal dinner the talk of the town!

    Individual Play

    Simply have one contestant at each player location and ask easy questions in a fast paced manner and the contestant that reaches 9 correct answers first wins.

    Team Play

    Line up 3, 4, 5 or more contestants at each player position (relay style) and ask the first two Face Off contestants a question. The one that locks out first and answers correctly stays at the podium. The other contestant moves to the back of their team's line.  Continue play in this manner until one team reaches 9 correct answers and wins the game.

  • Computerized Video Game Show - Can be added to your DJ / Karaoke event or the entire focus of the event.  Options are one or to two 8' x 6' video screens and projectors.  We offer the following Computerized Video Game Shows: Take It Or Leave It (similar to Deal or no Deal), Trivia Wheel (similar to Wheel of Fortune), Trivia Squares (similar to Jeopardy), Trivia Feud (similar to Family Feud).  All games can be specifically configured to your event.


  • Take It 'er  Leave It

    The ultimate complete package inspired by America’s #1 most watched TV game show featuring Howie Mandel.

    System Overview:


    • Bright neon theatrical telephone (software stops ringing automatically).
    • Contestant pushes jumbo illuminating push button to accept offer.
    • Contestant closes lid to reject offer.
    • Software automatically responds to pushbuttons, lid closure, and phone pickup.
    • Easy entry of your own prizes or money values.
    • Add 12 prizes for a quick game or up to 28 prizes for a full feature game.  16, 20, and 24 prize board selectable.
    • Comes with slick background music and sound effects (easy to add your own).
    • Easy synchronizing to real people holding real cases.
    • Automatic computer generated offers or real banker supported.


  • DVD slide show presentation - Provide us with either hard copy or digital pictures and we can create a DVD slide show presentation for your Wedding or special event.  We can provide up to two 6' x 8' video screens and projectors to display your slide show presentation.  Slide show presentation can be set to music also.  


  • Pucker Powder Candy Art Machine - Having a company Picnic?  Our Pucker Powder Candy Art Machine allows kids of all ages to design a colored tube with multi-flavored candy - similar to the Pixie Sticks from the past .  This is a fun and tasty addition to any event!